Benefits of Home Tuition in Singapore

Updated: May 14, 2021

Do you have that burning passion for tuition in Singapore? The benefits of Home Tuition in

Singapore is massive and no wonder there are few established tutoring agencies out in


Home tuition has become the new thread for Singapore that some of the most renowned Tuition agencies Singapore has been dominating over the internet for a while now. While most Singaporean looks for a turn in their profession, majority end up in the teaching

sector as it is at the peak performance level itself. That being said, the benefits of home tuition come in huge amounts.

This write-up solely focuses on the advantages and benefits one can get from doing tuition in

Singapore. Therefore, keep reading to find out the pros and cons of it. The amount of revenue coming from this industry surely is interesting enough to keep people wondering how home tuition in Singapore works.

Rising Trend of Home Tuition in Singapore

Singapore has a huge tuition industry. There are many as part-time tutors or shifted jobs from

other professions to this profession too.

Private tutor or home tutor is one of the most common threads going around in Singapore.

Starting from newbies to existing professionals, no one can deny the fact that the number of

tutors in Singapore is on the increase. The spike of different professionals turning into full-time home tutors are something more than imaginable. The process of delivering and tuning out a fine home tutor is now more complex and acquires a lot of experience in it too.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) Teachers in Singapore started to convert into full-time Home Tutors in many agencies too. Ever wonder why such a huge trend started of people turning into

tutors day after day. Such a secret falls dark behind the untold truth of benefits, advantages,

revenue, and many other factors working in this sector of industry.

Over 50,000 tutors are available now all over the tuition agencies that give services of home

tuition. There are part-time, full-time tutors all around. Therefore, the agency also made it

competitive among all these people to make the hype of tuition agencies higher. The more experience one has, the more he seems to be performing in this industry. Keeping it as the

foremost priority, people have been shoving it all up the industry of education.

Reasons behind being Home Tutor in Singapore

Tutoring seems to be one of the most lucrative jobs in Singapore. The agencies that deliver the

tutoring or tuition thing, incomes annually a million dollars. Therefore the beneficial side is

crystal clear to most of the people out there.

While we dig deep into the tuition thing in Singapore, the maximum benefit that we ought to find

is the extra money and benefits that it is offering along with tutoring. This job is not only about

educating the student, now the revenue is so good that the fancy and attractive salary often

manages to catch the eyes of many brilliant minds out there. Therefore, the industry keeps

getting bigger and stronger. As a result, we see that people in the Singapore Tuition Industry are

well paid off than other average tutors all around the world.

On top of that, there is no one to boss you around. You are the teacher and you are the one

tutoring, communicating, and educating the customers as in students or parents in some cases

too. Everything you do goes according to your own accord. You are the one to do everything you

need to deliver the message to your student properly. Sometimes you make the routine, you

make the syllabus, you divide it likewise, and do your job. Therefore, the luxury, freedom, and

superior feeling of doing it are increasing the engagement of people.

Type of Home Tutors and Benefits:

When it comes to home tutors, there are many classifications and varieties. The benefits of each

one of them are divided by qualifications and previous experience. Therefore when they are

demanding more on their stage, they deserve it.

Now some different classifications work for tutors. They are explained in a smart manner below.

Part-Time Tutor & Benefits: If you are a student who recently completed the A-Levels or

started their undergrad life and wants to do a part-time job of tutoring for income, they fall under

this PTT sector or Part-Time Tutor sector.

Part-time tutors normally are in for the passive or extra money they can get out of it. It is not

their main profession. They are doing it for some extra side cash besides either studying or doing

a full-time job somewhere else. So if you are working somewhere else full-time but still seeking

extra cash then being a Part-time tutor is so beneficial.

The qualifications needed for this Part-time sector are only undergraduate. You don’t even have

to be a graduate to be involved in this sector. Therefore, the future of Part-Time tutors is full of

competitive young students looking for a perfect amount of salary along with any other job they

are currently doing. Due to them being regular and energetic, the revenue as a rookie or part-time

is still huge or above the sky. They make more like 25-40 dollars an hour by doing it and the

time is limited to more like 1-1.5 hours.

Full-Time Tutor & Benefits:

The term “Full Time” breaks it all down for us. They are trained,

they are agile, they are good and they are certified for taking upon the Full Timer in this Tuition

the sector of Singapore.

Out of all others, the ones who are graduated, tested and certified as trained professionals for

tutoring, go into this segment of the context. Now often people wonder what makes them this

much certified? Well, they have graduated, studied the whole education system, and chose to

tutor their life as they spend over 4-6 hours behind this tutoring every single day. Therefore,

keeping commitment like these, they take the part of a full-time tutor in the Tuition Industry of


Talking about private tuition or home tuition, tutors of full-time often go out looking for the high

and expensive-looking students out there. Therefore, the competition between the full-timers is

immense and the pain is excruciating.

Now let’s come to the benefits of these full-timers. They get paid over double the time of part-

timers. Sounds weird right? But it’s the truth. They get paid over $50/h. The average amount of

classes they take by 1 week is 15. Therefore, the feast of benefits comes up with a huge amount

of responsibilities. No wonder they deserve this much amount of money.

3. MOE School Teachers & Benefits:

Now that you already know about part-time and full-

time ones out there, no need to explain that the existing school teachers are to be paid even more

than the full-timers. They are rare to find but paid exclusively by Singaporean Tuition agencies.

MOE School teachers take over the basics to advance all levels of education they may seem to

need to get properly educated. Therefore, keeping them hired for a good amount of money is the

only option people or parents get left out with.

The average amount of money MOE School teachers get paid is quite over $70/h. It is 20 dollars

more than full-time tutors and certainly is a high salary pay. However revenue being the most

beneficial side of this part of tutoring, they surely don’t get enough students outside their school

time. So keeping all these in mind, we can surely say they get a huge benefit or advantage on the remuneration side.


The end talk of such activity may seem a little off because the benefits of the education system

solely depended on the amount of money they earn. It is not about education anymore, they get

more money and that stands as the only beneficial part of the people out there.

However, the tuition agencies in Singapore stand strong with one of the top revenue incoming

segments of the country. Therefore, tutoring is this important in Singapore is often overlooked by

the benefits of tutors.

The important thing is the education that the people get from the tuition and delivery of the

education that the students receive. So keeping that in mind, home tuition should oblige their

activity and keep on dominating as the rising industry in Singapore.

If you’re interested in being a tutor and are currently wondering about the amount of revenue you get to take home each month, read on more to find out!

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